Main Villages

The main viticultural villages of the Piccadilly Valley from South to North are Crafers, Piccadilly, Summertown and Uraidla. Along the South Eastern Freeway are the more residential villages of Stirling, Bridgewater and Aldgate.


Ashton (population 450) means ‘ash tree town’ and was named by George Hunt in 1858 after his home town Ashton (population 250) in East Northamptonshire, England

Carey Gully

Carey Gully (Paddy Carey, one of the early settlers in the area, gave its name to Carey Gully. The township has more or less disappeared, but the gullies are now filled with hobby farms – and a Sandstone quarry).


On the Northern side of the South East freeway, the little residential village of Crafers sits on the outskirts of Stirling. It was named after David Crafer who founded the Norfolk Arms Hotel in 1839, now the newly renovated Crafers Hotel. The Crafers village is the point of entry to the Piccadilly Valley wine region, but no vineyards are within the boundaries of the town.


Piccadilly is home to the Tiers Vineyards, owned by the Croser family (Tapanappa wines), which is the first vineyard planted in the Piccadilly Valley in 1979. There are now other vineyards within the boundaries of Piccadilly village. Some of these vineyards sit on some of the most ancient geology in the world (1,600 million years-old calcsilicate).

Stirling - Aldgate - Bridgewater

These villages are located South of the South Eastern freeway. There are very few vineyards next to these villages.

With approximately 2,700 inhabitants, Stirling is a leafy suburban like village with a European feel. It is the
main town in the Piccadilly Valley, established in 1888. Aldgate was established at similar time as Stirling,
after the local pub the Aldgate (derivation of Old Gate) Pump. Bridgewater is on the South Eastern corner of the Piccadilly Valley region, and is home to the famous flour Mill alongside Cox Creek.


This is one of the coolest villages in the Piccadilly Valley, on Greenhill Road. It was established as a summer retreat for the Adelaide residents. Several vineyards are located near Summertown on very good viticultural soils and higher slopes, even though it remains a strong agricultural area with many orchards and small market gardens.


It was the home of the Permangk aboriginal people, neighbours of the Kaurna people. Uraidla is named after a tale of an ancestral giant who fell in battle, forming the Mount Lofty Ranges, his ears (yurre in Kaurna language) shaping Mount Lofty and Mount Bonython.